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Tackling the big challenges of our time harnessing the powers of creativity, digital technology, multi-disciplinary collaboration and entrepreneurship to show us the way.

Everyone needs help reading their career-life map

The Power Of Mentoring

To Mentor: to guide, facilitate appreciation and guide less experienced peers. See Apprenticing, Work Sharing, Jon Coaching, Scrum Masters.

Beginning a career, getting skills and balancing guidance are all some of the hardest leaps in life. Time and again, good mentorship has helped be a ladder, a lamp a boat for those down, lost or sinking.

Through time, Mentoring has functioned as the introduction to any profession. From early artisans to guild masters and from college dons to preside too all-VP partnerships.

The Acqhire Logo

The program is matches mentors to school leavers and career changers.

Acqhire provides the tools, training and platforms. Our job is to make remote mentoring easier, transparent and more successful than ever.

Acqhire Logo

We offer coaches, mid-level and new entrants in the following domains;

1. Education, Training & Teaching
2. Job Readiness Assessments
3. Professional Certification Track
4. Technology & Tools Training

Light Bulb Moment

In technology we specialise in;

A. Collaborative Remote Workspaces
B. Remote Agile Discipline
C. Remote Data Analytics (including AI)
D. Remote Quality Engineering
E. Remote & SOCS Cyber-Security
F. Robotics, Drones, IoT & Sensor Tech

Many Lightbulb Moments

We achieve onboarding and orientation through the following;

1. Wheelhouse Discovery
2. Skills Radar Assessment
3. Personalized Needs Matching

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With many candidates for mentorship currently doing our discovery radar diagnostic, we are open to experts and mid-level mentors joining and connecting.

We connect you, we give you the tools to track progress and the interventional tools to help get the best from your mentee.

Contact us here to join the mentorship program, partner and fund mentorship pools. is a program of Nehemiah Global Trust a registered charity building partnerships with Lifesherpa,, CentrePoint, Techstars, Google Ventures, Rocky Mountain Venture Club, Blackstone, Artificial Chat, Colorado State, National Association for Cued Speech and Evolve Education many more.

Platform launch post-Pilot, join us.